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Who We Are

We have built our reputation on the quality of our products, as well as the quality of our service. We have been a leading supplier of Sleep Laboratory equipment to N.H.S. Trusts and to private healthcare providers for more than 20 years. Our diagnostic equipment - from SOMNOmedics in Germany - is widely regarded as the gold standard in sleep diagnostics.

In addition to the supply of the diagnostic equipment, we have responded to the changing needs of the UK sleep market by providing a fully resourced sleep service. We can help any sleep department overcome the challenge of meeting increasing demand with static or reducing resources. Our team of qualified and experienced sleep physiologists will work in partnership with your team, delivering the services you specify, and always working directly under the clinical control of the head of department.


Our direct to patient services - under our S-Med@home brand - provide services and products to the private medical market. These services include sleep diagnostics and CPAP therapy, CBT for insomnia, and products such as innovative wearable oximetry devices, and CPAP spares and consumables.

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