Keep your focus on your physical activity and goals without being distracted by the equipment. The Circul ring will help you keeping on track without the need for a screen.

Easy to set-up and use. Just start tracking you exercise on the smartphone app and put your phone away. You can record from 10min to 12h of activity in one session. At the end of the session just go back to the app and keep your ring close for data transfer to happen.

Great device to track steps during your walks, however not limited. This is a multisport ring with IP65 rating, so you don’t have to worry with the sweat or outdoor activities in rainy days.

During exercise, you can monitor steps and heart rate, which together with your personal vital measurements will give accurate calories burned.

We all love to look at data after putting in the effort. The Circul ring is the right choice for its simplicity and yet powerful capabilities. Connect to the smartphone app to get accurate trending graphs obtained during exercise.

Good sleep is vital in reaching peak performance. Use the CIRCUL ring pulse oximeter in Sleep Mode to track your sleep quality overnight.

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