The Circul oximetry ring  is an innovative product that provides continuous monitoring of the blood oxygen saturation level.​ Unlike a smartwatch which attempts to measure oximetry at the wrist - a site unlikely to provide accurate measurements - the Circul ring measures at the finger in the manner of traditional hospital oximeters. Unlike traditional oximeters, the Circul ring is worn on the finger. This provides comparable accuracy but much improved comfort compared to older devices.

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Continuous monitoring of oxygen levels is a useful tool in the monitoring and management of many health conditions. Respiratory and cardiac conditions that increase the risk of reduction of blood oxygen levels include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DIsease [COPD], interstitial lung diseases such as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis [IPF], and chronic heart failure [CCF].

Realtime monitoring of oxygen levels can provide an early warning of deterioration, and prompt early intervention to improve health status. Reduction in oxygen levels can provide the information needed to implement emergency or rescue procedures agreed with  your clinician.

Overnight monitoring of oxygen levels is useful in certain circumstances including screening for obstructive sleep apnoea, and confirm that treatment for OSA and other conditions is working correctly. The Circul solution provides a measurement of desaturations as well as real time oximetry data.

The Circul device produces a lot of data (it measures your oxygen level 100 times each second) and this data is easily viewed using the Circul app on your smartphone (IOS and Android).

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